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Why the Traditional Approach Doesn’t Work

In the past, the only way to have a custom home designed and built was to use a separate architect/designer and builder.  Unfortunately, this traditional approach to designing and building a custom home is wrought with problems.

Here’s the scenario: You find an architect/designer to help you make your beautiful idea become a stunning reality.  You establish a budget.  You love the drawings. You’re not too keen on the design fees but nothing is perfect.

You then set off alone to track down an ethical builder with suitable skills.  Actually, you have to find three builders willing to give you three quotes.  Unfortunately, builder “A” is too busy, builder “B” has no experience of your type of build, and builder “C” quotes way over budget.

You find another couple of builders.  Their quotes are similarly high. You go back to the architect for a re-design – not quite understanding why.  Two months later, you’re back looking for re-quotes.  They are still high.  In desperation, you go with the cheapest quote.

Finally, six months late, you break ground.  Your builder, all of a sudden, starts claiming all sorts of extras.  He blames the architect/designer.  The architect/designer blames the builder.  Your builder has under quoted and tries to cut corners.  You are stuck between a rock and a hard place – with little expertise to fall back on.

How did it ever come to this?  It was supposed to be a good experience.

An Integrated Approach to Design and Build

At Footprint we feel very strongly that the above scenario does not have to be a reality.  In your life time, you will probably only ever build one dream home.  That experience should be a very positive one.

Our approach to the design and build of custom homes is to work as a team.  From the very first meeting until the day you move in, the designer, builder and yourself will be involved – and we will all be pulling in the same direction.

The Benefits of this Holistic Approach are Many-fold

Use all the available expertise:

Normally, your builder won’t become involved until the drawings are finished.  At this point, the builder’s expertise, which could have identified a more cost effective approach, is worth nothing.  At Footprint, your builder will be involved from Day One.  Our experience is that the early involvement of the builder leads to fewer design revisions, a better build and a more cost effective one.

No more cost blow outs:

Did you know that architects/designers are not trained to estimate building costs?  The unfortunate thing is that even builders, who are trained to do so, find it hard to accurately price custom built homes.   At Footprint, we agree on the budget very early on and, as the design develops, we are constantly costing the build.  It is very difficult for us to later declare that the $50,000 blow out was someone else’s fault!

A helping hand:

Building a home from scratch can be a huge step into the unknown – and an expensive one too.  Normally, you have no guide to help you along that path.  Your architect/designer will move on once your plans are finished.  You will receive little help in the transition from finalising plans to securing a builder.  Let’s not even mention the bureaucratic maze that is planning.  And, once you’re actually building, who will help you there?  At Footprint, we offer a different experience.  From concept drawings until completion, we will be there every step of the way with you.

We offer a proven pathway to a beautiful and sustainable home.

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