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Welcome to Footprint Homes

  • Do you dream of building a sustainable home to suit your family?
  • Would you love to renovate and sustainably retrofit your existing home?
  • Do you want to do so in a stress free, enjoyable and cost effective manner?

At Footprint, we are very different from other architects, designers and builders.

Firstly, we are the only combined design and build service in Tasmania specialising solely in sustainably designed, custom built homes and extensions.

Secondly, being both designers and builders, we offer a truly integrated approach to the whole process – which individual designers and builders working in different businesses simply cannot offer.

Designing and building a sustainable home or extension should be an enjoyable experience.  Unfortunately, for many people their dream turns into a particularly stressful, frustrating and expensive episode of Grand Designs.  Building with Footprint will stop this happening to you.

How you will benefit:

Sustainable design expertise

We specialise in sustainable design and have done so for over 30 years. We design both traditional and contemporary homes which are focused around environmental concerns – all year round comfort and thermal efficiency, the limitation of individual environmental footprint, and the use of environmentally compatible materials and processes.

Traditional build quality

We take immense pride in our projects and we like to utilise our traditional building skills. However, we also embrace new and innovative building techniques. With three highly qualified project managers capable of tackling any residential build, we guarantee skilful execution. We offer quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

An integrated approach

As we are both the designer and builder, you will benefit from our streamlined, coordinated approach to the process of building a home. Furthermore, we are very client focused. With everybody working together in a consultative manner, we guarantee that Footprint will design and build a house that suits your needs, budget and time line.

Cost effectiveness

An integrated approach to “design and build” will save you money. No cost blow outs because the designer can’t design to budget. No delays finding a builder. No last minute builder variations because of oversights. Just good advice from Day 1 with both the builder and designer working together to save you money.

Less stress

Building can be stressful involving emotion, time and financial resources - and the pressure of making so many important decisions. However, it should be an enjoyable experience and our job is to make it exactly that. Firstly, you will benefit from our expertise. Secondly, we love what we do and that’s infectious. Thirdly, the team approach really does help spread the load.